About Geocables

Geocable Systems

Geocable Systems (GS) was formed in 2006 as a division of HL Technologies LP (now Umbilicals International Inc) to meet the needs of the US and international seismic exploration industry. The origin of the products and manufacturing systems, particularly those associated with land seismic applications date back to 2003 when management of the cable and connector manufacturing operations of Input Output  were transferred to HL Technologies. Based close to I/O’s Stafford location, HLT leased premises and hired the existing Alvin staff, plant and equipment at that time remained under I/O’s ownership. Over the following 2 years the manufacturing resources were purchased outright by HLT and the customer base was expanded to include world-wide seismic systems manufacturers and contractors.

The growing competitive threat of offshore manufacturing, particularly with labor intensive land cable assemblies was a principle driver in re-tooling the HLT business model toward more sophisticated, higher value products for the marine seismic market. In 2006 plans were in place for significant investment in facilities and machinery necessary to become a leading supplier of marine seismic cable products. In late 2007 operations commenced at the current purpose-built manufacturing center on Cash Road, Stafford.

Recognizing the importance to its core customers GS is firmly focused on responsiveness, innovation and customer satisfaction.